wtorek, 18 września 2012

How I built the EventStore on Linux.

Yesterday Greg Young's EventStore has its public launch so I couldn't resist and had to check it out. Code's open-sourced on Github, the only problem was that... all my PCs run on Linux and I've never worked with .NET before. Fortunately, EventStore is cross-platform so it turned out not to be hard at all.

First step was obvious (even for a JVM guy like me):
apt-get install mono
Documentation of the project said that I should be using xbuild to build it from source so (with some help from apt-get which is good at finding the packages I'm looking for):
apt-get install mono-xbuild
et voila! Motivated by first easy victory I run a quick
cd src
xbuild EventStore/EventStore.sln
and... the build crashed. That was not unexpected, and examination of error report quickly led me to another apt-get install:
apt-get install mono-dmcs

The build went on but crashed soon after, with some cryptic messages about missing assemblies. Not knowing what to do I just checked what other mono-* packages are available - mono-devel looked promising so yet another package installation and ... a few seconds later I had the EventStore binaries ready! Yay!

Running it is a no brainer and you can see the nice monitoring & management UI at .

Summing up: except for the fact that I didn't have any mono stuff installed (which you probably need if you're doing any development using it) EventStore was dead simple (and fast!) to build & run. Good job guys!

Can't wait to play with it some more (and maybe port it to JVM?).

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