poniedziałek, 18 kwietnia 2011

DDD & CQRS training

Last week I participated to a great training by Greg Young in Kraków. I was amazed how much knowledge can get stuffed into my brain in mere 3 days. Prior to the training I have watched a couple of Greg's presentations (yeah, including the 6.5h-long video from a CQRS training), read blogs, followed the DDD/CQRS news group but still found myself sitting down as if I were hypnotized for 3x8 hours. Not once during the training Greg's answer let me think that he was talking about something he was unsure of. I find it annoying that some people (read: consultants) give talks about things they don't have any experience with.

I suppose I won't waste any more time trying to duplicate Piotr's blog entry about the training and will start re-writting my notes immediately.

Damn, just found the feedback form Greg asked us to fill in for him. The blog entry will have to wait for a moment.

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