poniedziałek, 18 kwietnia 2011

Initial babble

The time has just come for me to write my first blog entry ever. Okay, maybe not write - publish. Has already written a few but never got to finish & publish one.

On my quest to pretend that I'm more of a social creature that I really am, I also set up a Twitter account In fact it was Greg Young who pushed me to take this desperate step. He found super weird that no one was tweeting during IT conferences in Poland. Maybe some people just don't want to miss their only chance to actually have a face2face chat with real people? Dunno, I just can't imagine wasting my time on Twitter while attending Greg's great DDD&CQRS training (will- hopefully- write more about it in the days to come). I suppose some people (like myself) prefer to stay quiet until they've got something interesting to say. I prefer doing that than talking aloud about things I really got no idea of.

Oh wait, I think I got side-tracked so will get back on the track and finish this short post. I hope I will have some interesting stuff to share with people on this blog. Don't really want to write HelloWorld-style entries but I suppose it could be useful for myself while learning a new technology or another evil Java framework. Will start with my notes from the training mentioned above, that will give me a change to re-read and re-think it. And will make it more durable than the paper I scribbled it on. Hopefully one day someone will find it worth reading. 

This entry makes no sense whatsoever but I will publish it nonetheless, just to get myself started with blogging. 

Stay tuned for more, I sincerely hope it will come.

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